I am currently backing up an external drive to another so I can reformat it and then copy the data back.  Backups are always good, that is what the experts say.  In fact, I am going to make two backups just in case.  don't want the only backup not to be good.  Besides, this is important data, pictures!
In my work, it would almost be a firable offense if I lost data and did not have a backup.  We do both onsite and offsite backups.  Can't have enough of those backups. 
Yesterday, I listened to a sermon preached by Josh Harris at Southern Baptist Seminary.  He spoke on Proverbs 3:5-6.  The main point was trust.
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
   and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge him,
   and he will make straight your paths.
If we have a backup plan with God, we truly aren't trusting Him with all our heart.  There are times when I truly don't like the word "all" in Scripture.  All my heart?  I guess 3/4 is not enough.  God I trust you but if it doesn't work out then  I have this backup plan ready to go.  That isn't trust at all but being double-minded as James says. 
the second part of verse 5 drives home this truth.  Lean not on your own understanding:  translation "no backup plan".  Is my god big enough that I don't need a second alternative?  How often do I try and figure out the best solution for the issue and totally forget about God and His solution.  
Looking at verse six there it is again "all".  In whatever I do I must have a mindset that God is over all and is sovereign in all things.  I need to acknowledge His rule of the universe even down to my every life decision. 
Then comes the last part of verse six.  Our paths will be made straight.  He will take the crooked and make it straight.  When we "trust" and "acknowledge" with "all" then our path is made straight.
Lord Jesus, may I trust in you today with all my heart.  May I acknowledge that you are the sovereign ruler of my life and that whatever you have for me is for my best.  May I put aside my own understanding and plans  relying on You.

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