Romans 1:8-15

In this passage we learn several truths about Paul and his ministry.

  1. Paul gives thanks because of the church at Rome.  He has the habit of thanking God for the church no matter what state it is in.
  2. Paul prays for others.  In this letter like almost every other one, Paul begins with prayer for his readers.  In this case, he prays for them even though he has never met them. 
  3. Paul's eagerness to preach Christ everywhere he can is demonstrated here.  He wants the gospel to be spread to the world. 
  4. Paul also wants to be a part of the Romans life and growth in Christ.  He also desires to fellowship with them and receive from them. 
  5. Paul understands that he has been given a work to do among the Gentiles.  Because of the work of Christ in Paul’s life he is obligated to be a servant of the risen Lord.




  1. Am I thankful for those who have influence in my life?  Do I praise God for them?  Today, I thank God for my family, parents, brother and sisters, nieces and nephews, Wife, daughter and son.  
  2. How often do I pray for the church world wide, for those suffering oppression?  Not enough!  Lord Jesus, strengthen my brothers and sisters who are standing faithful to you even when life is at risk.
  3. We sponsor two African children through compassion.  I don’t pray for them nearly as I should.  I support them financially but that should just be the starting point.  

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