Esther -- Where is God in the everyday

I just finished reading Swindoll's book on Esther.  Esther has always been one of my favorite books of the bible. 
I was reminded that:
  1. Do you need to know that God is working even though He is silent?  Read Esther!
  2. Do you need to be reminded that God wins?  Read Esther!
  3. Do you need to be encouraged that God uses ordinary people to achieve great things?  Read Esther!
  4. Do you need courage to do something for God in a difficult situation?  Read Esther!
  5. Do you need reminding that you should celebrate God's victories in your life?  read Esther!
  6. Do you need to know that God is faithful to His children and promises?  Read Esther!
  7. Do you need to remember that good will triumph over evil?  Read Esther!

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