ROMANS 1:1-7

In this introduction there are three items I will discuss:  Paul, the Rome church and the gospel of Christ.  These will take one post each.
 But here we introduce them.
Paul wants his readers to know four characteristics of himself:
  1. A servant of Christ
  2. Called to be an apostle
  3. Set apart for the gospel
  4. Received grace and apostleship
What Paul says about the Romans:
  1. Called     to belong to Jesus Christ
  2. called to be saints
  3. loved by God
  4. grace and peace to you from the Father
What Paul declares about the gospel:
  1. Declared beforehand by the prophets  and holy scripture
  2. concerning His Son
  3. descendant of David by the flesh
  4. declared to be the son of god in power according to the Spirit

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