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From the Desiring God blog concerning a speech by Charles Malik in 1980. 
Kevin Deyoung gives us his 3rd part in the series social justice. 
this week it is Jeremiah 22:
I have started reading C. J. Mahoney's book "Living the Cross Centered Life".  IN  the introduction he quotes John Stott and D. A. Carson.
John Stott:  "The Cross is the blazing fire at which our heart is kindled, but we have to get near it for its sparks to fall on us."
D. A. Carson:  "I fear that the cross, without ever being disowned, is in constant danger of being dismissed from the central place it must enjoy by relatively peripheral insights that take on far too much weight.  Whenever the periphery is in danger of displacing the center, we are not far removed from idolatry."

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