Romans 1:1-7 - Gospel

I find no better explanation of the gospel in these first seven verses than that of Stott in his Romans commentary. 
  1. The origin of the gospel is God
  2. The attestation of the gospel is Scripture (v2)

  3. The substance of the gospel is Jesus Christ (v1,3)

  4. The scope of the gospel is all the nations (v5)

  5. The purpose of the gospel is the obedience of faith

  6. The goal of the gospel is the honor of Christ’s name (v5)


To sum up, here are six fundamental truths about the gospel. Its origin is God the Father and its substance Jesus Christ his Son. Its attestation is Old Testament Scripture and its scope all the nations. Our immediate purpose in proclaiming it is to bring people to the obedience of faith, but our ultimate goal is the greater glory of the name of Jesus Christ. Or, to simplify these truths by the use of six prepositions, we can say that the good news is the gospel of God, about Christ, according to Scripture, for the nations, unto the obedience of faith, and for the sake of the Name.




      barnhouse puts it this way in His commentary:
      "Let there be that first lesson for all of us. If we would be used of God, we must have a view of the gospel that is as broad as the universe. We must see that God is making the great offer of grace to the entire human race and that now the door is open, not for men to pick and choose to come to God as they want to, but for all men to come to God in His way if they will."

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