I  have been contemplating starting to blog for a couple of years now.  Ouch!  has it really been that long? 
So, why am I doing this now and what can you anticipate my ramblings to be?  I am starting now because I am also beginning an in-depth study of the book of Romans.  I want to share what God will be doing in my life through this study.  Who knows how long this will take.  Donald Grey Brownhouse, one of the commentators I will be using, spent twelve years preaching through the book and did not finish before his death.  So a lot of the blogs will deal with the study of Romans.
sometimes posting will bee of a general nature and at other times I will blog about blindness and related topics. 
I hope that you will find this place will be interesting, challenging and humorous at times. 
Oh yeah, another reason I am starting this is because of my daughter, Melesa.  She has her own blog which has inspired me to start my own.  You can find her blog at:
So, come along for the ride.


  1. Have you enough life left to do an in depth study of Paul's book to the Romans? Blessings on you bro,

    Dan R.